Akkala Ancient Tech Lab: A Comprehensive Guide

The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is one of the most intriguing locations in the world of Hyrule, especially for those deeply invested in the lore and mechanics of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” Located in the northeastern region of the map, this lab is pivotal for players looking to upgrade their gear and gain access to powerful ancient technology. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into every aspect of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, from its history and significance to a step-by-step walkthrough of its quests and rewards.

Introduction to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is one of the two main research facilities dedicated to studying and replicating ancient technology left behind by the Sheikah tribe. Unlike its counterpart, the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, the Akkala Lab focuses more on combat enhancements and is essential for players aiming to maximize their combat effectiveness against the game’s tougher enemies.

Location and Access

Finding the Lab

  • Region: Akkala
  • Coordinates: Approximately 4481, 3190, 0225
  • Nearby Landmarks:
    • East Akkala Stable
    • Akkala Citadel Ruins

To reach the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, players need to travel to the Akkala region, which is in the northeastern part of Hyrule. The lab is situated on a cliff, offering a stunning view of the surrounding landscape. It’s relatively easy to spot due to the large telescope protruding from its roof.

Getting There

  • By Horse: Use the East Akkala Stable as a starting point and follow the path northeast.
  • By Foot: Navigate through the Akkala Citadel Ruins, taking care to avoid Guardians patrolling the area.
  • By Paraglider: If you have enough stamina, you can glide from the nearby high points.

The History and Lore of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is steeped in rich history and lore. Established by the Sheikah tribe, the lab’s primary purpose was to research and replicate ancient technology to prepare Hyrule for any future threats. After the calamity, Robbie, a former researcher from the Hyrule Royal Family, took it upon himself to continue this vital work.

Key Historical Points

  • Origins: Founded by the Sheikah tribe centuries ago.
  • Calamity Ganon: The lab was instrumental in developing defenses against Calamity Ganon.
  • Post-Calamity: Robbie and his team took over the lab to continue their research and protect Hyrule.

Key Characters


Robbie is the eccentric lead researcher at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Known for his enthusiasm and dedication, he plays a crucial role in guiding players through the lab’s various quests and upgrades.

  • Appearance: Elderly with white hair and goggles.
  • Personality: Energetic, slightly mad scientist vibe.
  • Role: Provides quests and upgrades for ancient gear.


Jerrin is Robbie’s assistant and wife. She helps maintain the lab and supports Robbie in his research.

  • Appearance: Elderly with glasses and a practical outfit.
  • Personality: Calm, supportive, and knowledgeable.
  • Role: Provides additional information and context for the lab’s activities.

Important Quests and Objectives

Robbie’s Research

One of the primary quests players undertake at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is “Robbie’s Research.” This quest unlocks the ability to purchase and upgrade ancient gear.

Steps to Complete Robbie’s Research

  1. Speak with Robbie: Initiate the quest by talking to Robbie.
  2. Light the Furnace: Use a Blue Flame from the Ancient Furnace to light the lab’s furnace.
  3. Collect Ancient Materials: Gather necessary materials like Ancient Cores, Shafts, and Screws.
  4. Return to Robbie: Hand over the materials to progress.

Upgrading Ancient Gear

Once “Robbie’s Research” is complete, players can upgrade their ancient gear. This includes powerful armor and weapons that significantly enhance combat capabilities.

Required Materials for Upgrades

  • Ancient Armor: Requires Ancient Springs, Screws, Shafts, and Cores.
  • Ancient Weapons: Requires a combination of Ancient Cores and Giant Ancient Cores.

Ancient Materials and Their Uses

Collecting ancient materials is crucial for upgrading your gear at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Here’s a breakdown of each material and its use:

Ancient Cores

  • Use: Upgrading armor and weapons.
  • Obtained From: Guardians, shrine chests, and rare treasure chests.

Giant Ancient Cores

  • Use: High-level upgrades and powerful ancient weapons.
  • Obtained From: Stalker Guardians, shrine quests, and select bosses.

Ancient Shafts

  • Use: Basic upgrades and crafting.
  • Obtained From: Guardian scouts, shrine chests, and overworld Guardians.

Ancient Screws

  • Use: Basic gear enhancements.
  • Obtained From: All types of Guardians and scattered in the ruins.

Ancient Springs

  • Use: Crafting and minor upgrades.
  • Obtained From: Guardian scouts and various Guardian enemies.

The Tech Lab’s Unique Features

The Furnace and Blue Flame

The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab features a unique furnace that needs to be lit with a Blue Flame to activate the lab’s equipment. This Blue Flame is found at the Ancient Furnace, located a short distance from the lab.

Steps to Light the Furnace

  1. Locate the Ancient Furnace: Found near the path leading to the lab.
  2. Carry the Blue Flame: Use a torch or any wooden weapon to carry the flame.
  3. Avoid Rain: Weather can extinguish the flame, so plan your route accordingly.
  4. Light the Lab’s Furnace: Once lit, the lab’s equipment becomes operational.

The Ancient Oven (Cherry)

The Ancient Oven, affectionately named Cherry by Robbie, is the device used to craft and upgrade ancient gear.

  • Function: Creates ancient weapons, armor, and other items.
  • Requirements: Requires specific ancient materials and rupees for crafting.

Rewards and Upgrades

Ancient Armor

Ancient Armor is one of the most valuable sets in “Breath of the Wild,” offering high defense and bonus effects against Guardian attacks.

Components of Ancient Armor

  • Ancient Helm: Increases resistance to Guardian attacks.
  • Ancient Cuirass: Enhances overall defense.
  • Ancient Greaves: Provides additional protection and movement speed.

Ancient Weapons

Ancient Weapons are powerful tools that deal significant damage, especially effective against Guardians.

Types of Ancient Weapons

  • Ancient Short Sword: A balanced weapon with high attack power.
  • Ancient Bladesaw: A heavy weapon with massive damage output.
  • Ancient Bow: A ranged weapon with excellent accuracy and power.

Tips and Strategies for Efficient Farming

Farming ancient materials efficiently can save players a lot of time and effort. Here are some tips:

  • Target Guardian Scouts: Found in shrines, they drop a variety of ancient materials.
  • Use Ancient Arrows: Effective for quickly taking down Guardians.
  • Explore Shrine Chests: Many contain valuable ancient materials.
  • Participate in Blood Moon Events: Enemies respawn, providing more farming opportunities.

The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is an essential location for any “Breath of the Wild” player looking to maximize their combat capabilities. From its rich history and engaging quests to the powerful gear upgrades, the lab offers a wealth of opportunities to enhance your adventure in Hyrule. By following this guide, players can efficiently navigate the lab, complete its quests, and reap the rewards of ancient technology. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is a cornerstone of the “Breath of the Wild” experience, providing the tools and knowledge needed to face Hyrule’s greatest challenges.

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