Smart Magic Data 499, 99, 599, 199 and Other (No Expiry)

A unique and new “no expiry” addition in data plans is favorite among users. Unlike traditional data packages that come with a fixed validity period; these Smart magic data with no expiry plans give freedom to manage purchased data without the constraint of a deadline. This means that any unused data remains available indefinitely. So, users can access their data whenever they need it, without the worry of losing it at the end of a certain period.

Such plans are ideal for those who do not consistently use large amounts of data and prefer not to be bound by time sensitive restrictions. In past the normal range of every plan is start from a day to a month that is now going unlimited.

Smart Magic Data 499 No Expiry:

This Magic Data 499 plan is plus and perfect for heavy internet users engage in activities such as watching high definition videos, playing games, and downloading large files. The flexibility of no expiry means that customers can handle as needed without the pressure of a deadline.

Some minutes and texts are also part of it that makes it more attractive. Of course, this is finest prepaid promo of smart whose detail is in table. As users are going mature they become wise in selecting the right bundle for themselves.

Plan How many GB? Minutes Text Bundle
Magic Data 499 24 200 200
  •  Note: Upper is the Magic + (plus) data of 499 that’s why it has minutes and message bundle.

Now one is for only basic use:

Magic Data 99 How many days?

For those require less data, the Smart Magic Data 99 plan is only plan for them. Despite its lower price, this plan still offers enough data for checking emails for the social media, and occasional browsing.

It is an excellent choice for users who use the internet more sparingly that still provides the freedom of data without an expiry date. Further, note its statics:

Plan  Bundle of Internet

As this is the smallest one, now the biggest one is:

No Expiry Smart Magic Data 599:

Has one of highest GB bundle, it is designed for the most demanding internet users. With an even larger data allocation than the 499 plan, it supports extensive usage without concerns about running out soon. This is appealing to professionals because they need constant online access for work.

Internet GB you get
  • Reminder: Rumors are that Magic Data 599 is stopped by the Smart but this is not formally clear.

new bundle

Remaining Smart Magic Data Include 199, 399 and 699:

Balancing affordability and utility, the Smart Magic Data 199 plan offers a practical amount of data suitable for regular internet users. Customer need daily internet access favor it too. Like the other plans, it comes with the advantage of no expiry that users can carry over unused data without stress.

Plans Data
399 24 GB

Is smart magic data worth it?

Absolute yes, these plans may vary in terms of data allocation and price for better choice to consumers. They are special for all with varying internet consumption patterns. Whether a heavy user select the 599 or 699 plan or someone look for a lighter package like the 99 plan, there is an option in it for internet needs. Thank to the company who think about almost every of customer which is probably a success reason.

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