How to Pasaload Smart to Smart or TNT?

To understand that how to Pasaload in Smart requires a step by step approach including on which number you want send or receive. Basically, this is a service that allows Smart network user to share their load and bundle with friends belong to Smart Prepaid or Bro and TNT. It’s incredibly useful in situations where the recipient needs urgent credit for calls, texts, or data but cannot purchase it themselves at the moment.

Being one of a valuable service, thousand of user in the Philippines takes benefit from it. Probably, they request to add more networks that transferring load can be a quick solution to staying connected.

How to Pasaload Smart to Smart or TNT?

Before a Pasaload transaction, first check you have more prepaid load to cover the amount you want to share plus the fee. You can check your balance by dialing a specified code or using the Smart mobile app.

After this, decide how much load you want to share. Smart allows a range of amounts to be shared, from as low as Php 2 to Php 200 per transaction. Each amount has a different processing fee.

Final Step for completion of Smart Pasaload:

At first, type the receiver Smart or TNT number, leave a space, type the amount, and forward to 808. For example, to send Php 200, type “09181234567 200” and forward to 808.

  • Or

Start the message with typing PASALOAD and rest of process is same as write above.  However in this type it necessary to reply “Yes” in the responses of confirmation text.  Step by step this procedure is:

Type after Space
Step 2 Number
Step 3 Amount
Code where send 808

In end, both the sender and the collector will get a confirmation message once the Pasaload transaction is completed. This will include the transferred and the new balance.


  • It allows Smart subscribers to share balance at any of time from anywhere.
  • The flexibility of a range of amounts that can be shared is helping in different needs.
  • Important is the help of user by enabling them to immediately use the transferred amount for calling purpose or some other net usage. But smart sim registration is compulsory to avail it.

For sure, these things are mostly appreciated by the customers. And with such type of response, Smart also add few promos that now user can Pasaload to other. The validity of them again differs from one to other. The promos keywords used in are:

  1. GVD50
  2. GVD99
  3. GVD299
  4. GVT75
  5. GVT149
  6. GVT449
  7. GST50
  8. GST99
  9. GST299

Process to Pasaload Promos in Smart:

This is also simple as load passload, the only different is at the place where user add amount in the string. In spite of this, now add keyword of promo. Further to understand, string is:

  • Write Pasaload, then (number) then (keyword of promo) and lastly forward it at 808.

How to pasaload Smart to globe?

At moment, Smart Pasaload is not collaborated with globe. Maybe, they will plan such partnership in future but currently pasaload Smart to globe is not possible.

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Can I Pasaload to someone on a different network?

Till now, Pasaload is designed to work within the Smart network and its subsidiaries, including TNT and its own number. You cannot transfer load to subscribers of other networks.

Is it possible to cancel a Smart Pasaload transaction?

Once a Pasaload transaction is completed, it cannot be cancelled. So, must confirm the number is correct before sending.

Limit that how much I can Pasaload:

There are daily transaction limits to how much load you can share. It’s important to check the current limits through Smart’s official channels. By following the all steps summarize above, Smart subscribers can utilize easily. As time pass, features like this will develop the connectivity and support networks among Filipinos locally. Again adding other networks is in demand that possibly in pipeline. So, use available Pasaload options and stay connect for next update of any change in them.

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