Smart Postpaid Plan with and without Phones

For almost all users, smart postpaid plan offer some useful stuff. These plans can come in two primary forms: with and without phones. Each type is covering different needs, preferences and required amount. After this comparison of advantages and potential drawbacks of each option, one will easily decide that suit more with requirements. Basically, it’s a contractual agreement between a service provider and a customer, where the customer pays a fix monthly fee. These services typically include a combination of voice calls, messages inform of text, and data.

The “smart network” aspect refers to the inclusion of latest tech services and features, such as international roaming, data rollover, and easy quick access to every digital content platform.

Smart Postpaid Plans without Phones

Also known as Smart SIM only postpaid plans, these are design for customers who already own a phone or prefer to purchase one separately. They focus solely on the service component, having a variety of bundles.

Common things in all plans:

  • Unlimited Every network Mobile Calls and messages
  • Unlimited Landline Minutes
  • Unlimited 5G for One Year
Plan Net Bundle
599 5GB
599 10GB
999 20GB
1499 40GB
1999 60GB
2499 Unli 4G/5G

“Device Plan”

Plan Net Bundle PLDT Minutes
599 2.5GB 25
999 5GB 50
1499 10GB 100
1999 15GB 150
2999 30GB 300
  • Advantages:

Lower Monthly Costs: Without the cost of a device included, these plans are generally cheaper  that’s why better value for the services.

Easy to shift: With no device subsidy locking you in, it’s easier to switch plans or carriers if your needs change.

More Devices Compatibility: You can use any unlocked phone, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred device.

  • Considerations:

No Subsidized Upgrades: Unlike plans with phones, there is no built in mechanism for upgrading your device; you will have to manage this independently.

Smart Postpaid Plans with Phones

Every postpaid plan of Smart postpaid with phones is attractive for users looking to get a new smartphone without paying the full advance price. The cost is amortized over the contract period, usually one year and more, making latest model phones more accessible.

“With 999 Plan”

Phone Per Month Charges
Samsung Galaxy S24 ₱1,500
Galaxy S24+ ₱1,900
Galaxy S24 Ultra ₱2,300
iPhone 15 ₱1,200
iPhone 15 Plus ₱1,300
iPhone 15 Pro ₱1,500
iPhone 15 Pro Max ₱1,800

“With 1,999 Plan”

Phone Per Month Charges
Galaxy Z Flip5 ₱1,100
Galaxy Z Fold5 ₱2,000
iPhone 14 Pro ₱900
iPhone 12 ₱200

“With 1499 Plan”

Phone Per Month Charges
iPhone 14 Plus ₱800
Galaxy S23+ ₱1,600
Oppo Reno 8 5G ₱100
  •  Advantages:

Cost Spread: The main draw is the ability to spread the cost of a new smartphone over the contract life, making expensive models more affordable.

Bundled Deals: Carriers often offer special deals, including larger data packages or additional services, as part of the contract.

  • Considerations:

Long Term Commitment: These plans require a commitment of months or more, which might not suit everyone.

Higher Monthly Costs: While spreading out the device cost, monthly fees are probably higher compare to SIM only plans.

Limited Selection: The choice of phones may be limited to those offered by the carrier, possibly excluding some models.

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Choosing Between the Two

The decision between a smart postpaid plan with or without a phone boils down to personal choice with financial considerations. Here are some factors to consider:

Budget: Must determine whether you prefer lower monthly payments with a device cost included or a lower overall cost without a device.

Device Preference: If you are eyeing a specific phone model not offered by carriers, a SIM only plan might be the way to go.

Upgrade Frequency: Consider how often you wish to upgrade your device. If you like having the latest model, a plan with a phone might offer more convenient upgrade paths.

Service Needs: Look beyond the device and consider what mix of services (data, calls, texts) best suits your usage patterns.

From with and without phone; Smart postpaid plans suit different users. Plans with phones provide an easy way to get a new device with manageable payments, while SIM only plans is best for those who already own a phone or prefer to purchase one outright. When final the decision, must review the financial situation and usage. By carefully judging your needs and the options available, you can select a plan that offers the best as per your demand.

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